Sunday, August 28, 2011

Youtube to mp3

I wanted to write a review on some Youtube to Mp3 converters. There are literally a 100 of these types of sites out there. The problem is 99% of these converters use hacked software that is cheap with an even cheaper site design. The technology and resources to provide a solid Youtube to mp3 conversion has to have a variety of features. The first thing is the quality of the Audio. A lot of these converters lose a ton of the audio quality during the conversion.

The conversion should be loss less. This is a very challenging part of the process and an area where most of the converters fail. The next thing is speed. Now I want to expand on this. It is really easy to be have a high speed conversion if your the only one using the site. Where most of these conversion sites fail is when they have to process multiple conversion at once. Sometimes even several 1000 conversions at the same time. Most of the lower quality conversion sites have shared hosting. It is almost impossible to provide a solid Youtube to mp3 converter without a dedicated server. And in a lot of cases many of them. This is my point on the resources. What good is a conversion site if it locks up every time you want to use it. And this is the case with most of these sites. They have inadequate resources to provide the service they are advertising.

The final thing I want to touch on is the user experience. It should be fast and most of all easy to use. I have no idea why some of these companies lay their sites out the way they do. They use awful templates that don't lend themselves to the design of the site. And then they just throw up ads all over the site in a random fashion. None of it makes any sense. The site that gets 4 stars in all of these categories is This website has been around for a long time. It is considered by most people as the leader in this field. These guys actually spend time developing and improving the process of file conversion technology. They use a ton of really cool ways to break the file down into little pieces in order to convert it faster. And then they re assemble it. In my experience Video2mp3 is the fastest Youtube to Mp3 converter on the market. They also care about customer service and stay very active on their facebook fan page. One of the things they offer is a subscription service. They offer a subscription that is really cheap and eliminates all the ads. So you can convert with zero advertising.

Since this service is a free service they have to find a way to pay for their service. And it is a premium service. They do not require a registration to use the site. You can simply visit the site and start your conversion mission. Overall they have the least amount of downtime and honestly if your looking for a youtube to mp3 converter then check out They really are the very best in this area and the leader in file conversion technology.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Blogetry's server cancels their hosting without warning

One day the owner of logged on to find his service canceled without warning. All of his work and blogs gone. Now the hosting company is saying they will not give him back his data. Check out the full story here

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

YouTube to MP3 converter

I want to introduce a brand new site in the world of FLV file conversion. First I want to describe what an FLV file and what websites currently use these files.

What is an FLV File?

An FLV file is a media file developed by macromedia flash. It is in fact a Flash video file. It is typically used for streaming video. Some of the sites that use FLV files are Metacafe, Google videos and of course Youtube. Youtube is the most popular video site on the internet and they have the largest cache of video files on the net

How do I convert Youtube to Mp3?

There are several options on how exactly to convert youtube to Mp3. Many websites promote this service as free and the best and so on and so on. I want to introduce to you a new website. The name of the site is This site was developed with one thing in mind and that is the most efficient way for the user to convert Youtube to Mp3. As an online platform the first thing we were concerned with was speed. So we purchased a dedicated server that is lightning fast. It can literally handle 1000's of conversions. The second thing we were concerned with was ease of use. We wanted you to be able to convert your video file to Mp3 audio in the most efficient way. So we developed a program. This Youtube to Mp3 converter could not be any easier. The way you do this is simple. Go to Youtube or your favorite FLV video site and copy the URL. go to and paste the URL into thesuper awesome converter. Click convert and your Mp3 conversion will start. The process is very quick and will only take a moment to convert Youtube to Mp3. Even if your video is large our dedicated server will convert it to Mp3 in seconds.

Video conversion tips:

Be sure to select the highest quality video possible. On you will see some conversion options. If you select high you will get the highest Mp3 quality possible. However, if the video you select is very low quality even selecting a high quality conversion will give you a low quality Mp3. The best conversion quality can only be equal to the quality of the video. So select the highest quality Youtube video to get the highest quality Youtube to Mp3 conversion.

Why should I use

This website has one goal and that is to provide the most hassle free Youtube to Mp3 conversion. First of all our service is completely free. We do not require registration to use the service. We also allow unlimited conversions. So you can build a huge library of completely free Mp3's. Our site has dedicated servers so your conversion will not take an hour and it will not time out. If you find your conversion is taking a minute or so and you do not want to wait you can enter your email and we will email you the download page once you it is ready.

Overall this site aims to be the best Youtube to Mp3 converter on the internet. Go over to and get your conversion on!